“What do you reckon about that? Sounds great!”
(Alex Lester – BBC radio2)

“He may be a new name but this album is fully formed from a musician with years under his belt.
(Blues Matters,  3-page interview)

“We ask a great guitarist all those little questions you really DO want the answers to… This month: new rocky, bluesy, psychedelic sensation Karl Demata”
(Guitar Techniques UK interview)

“Demata has come up with a rather stunning debut. Very very good”
(Johntucker online)

“Good progressive, blues-rock. Cream-esque tone & fluid playing is juicy & authoritative throughout.”
(Guitarist Magazine)

“Karl is a guitarist of many parts whose adventurous musical spirit allows him to breathe fresh life into southern rock”
(Get Ready To Rock)

“The compulsory moods of the blues & the influences from across the pond are ably woven into often complex arrangements. There’s lots of slide guitar, hypnotic moods & foot tapping rhythms. It’s nice to see the emergence of another guitarist to keep the tradition going.

“An excellent release, and one you should cop an ear to.”

“Karl manages to inject a whole range of heterogeneous elements into what some might otherwise construe, on a very surface level, to be ostensibly blues-rock. A mightily fine start to his recorded output as a solo artist. Let’s hope there’s more to follow.”
( Metal

“Classic rock aficionados will enjoy the tunes, guitarists the melody laced leads reminiscent at times of Cream-era Clapton, Rory Gallagher & Leslie West”.
(Total Guitar UK)

“This is a pleasant debut release & worth a check out for blues rock fans.”

“This is a diamond.  The playing is smooth, talented, original and thoughtful. This is how a blues rock power trio should play. Loved it.
(Classic Rock Society, UK)

“Karl is a very accomplished player & has come up with a rather stunning debut.”
(Fireworks Magazine UK)

“Karl’s raw brand of blues rock is perfect music for a drive or a night in with a beer & friends. It’ll find a welcome home with classic rock fans.”
(Powerplay UK review 8/10)

“Demata’s guitar work is extremely good throughout & it’s a solid piece of blues rock that wears its influences on its sleeve.”

“ His vocals are quite battle weary and gritty but suit the music, plus his pistol-packing guitar solos really make this album.  Definitely worth a listen”
(Maverick Magazine, UK)

“Karl has a superior touch, killer phrasing & a likable scruffy guitar tone.”
(Classic Rock Magazine, UK)

“Singer, guitarist & bandleader Karl Demata nails his colours firmly to the mast right from the heavy opener……..Adventurous”.
(R2 / Rock n Reel magazine, UK)

“….a tremendously strong record focused entirely on high-quality song-writing and just the right amount of soloing to amaze without overpowering. ….the lead guitar work is simply outstanding . Nearly every track features some of the most sumptuous, tasteful lead guitar melodies and solos to be found anywhere, played with astonishing clarity. As good as many blues records have been this year, none are this good.

“A ruggedly elegant mixture of blues, hard rock and late 60s psychedelia … A combination of cerebral songwriting and detail-rich, inspired guitar wizardry make this album as retro-contempo as the classic rock connoisseurs like it these days”
(Hardrock Haven review – 8/10)

“This cd really is packed full of surprises, twists and turns that are there to be discovered by the endearing listener. I’m on what must now be my 50th play in the last 24hrs whilst writing this review and I am still finding little gems of musical wizardry that I had missed previously.In conclusion: This is not just another ‘run of the mill’ cd. This is articulate musical expressionism at its best and a must for any lover of music”
(Midlands Rock review – 9/10)